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SEO in Urdu
In current era, where business is going to be done on websites as it is noticed in developed countries, it is most important to know the concept of online business. The more the customers, the more you would get benefited. If you build a shop and comes no customer to your shop, what would you think of your business? Surely you will be in hot water.
Same is the case of online marketing and shopping. SEO is supposed to be the basic tool to bring customers (Traffic) to your shop (Website/Blog) to get benefited. This is what SEO is the basic and most important part of web technology. 
With me, you will learn SEO in Urdu language. I will guide you throughout the entire procedure and would practically tell you what SEO is and how do we get benefited by applying SEO on our site. Sites without SEO said to be a shop in a jungle where there is no customer (Visitor) but you.
To obtain the goal of SEO training in Urdu, I will be using many tools/Software to be in communication with you. You might already have studied about SEO on different sites but the actual benefits you would get by practically work done. The software/services I would use to guide you are:
    • Teamviewer
    • Skype / Google Hangout
    • Any Social Network
But for you better sake I would love to share my knowledge with you by providing SEO Urdu Tutorials in DVDs to have knowledge safe with you in future. For the very less privileged, I will be guiding you from time to time with the changes occurred in the filed of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.

What Will you learn in SEO Urdu Training

Since the course is defined and I have finalized its outline, I will teach you the following components in this SEO training.

  • On Page SEO
    • Domain Name and its features
    • Posts and its components
    • Page Layout and its components
    • On Page SEO Features
  • Off Page SEO
    • Link Building
    • Social connect
    • PageRank Components

What I get to teach you SEO in Urdu

This is an important question to answer you. I will be getting the very less privileged by teaching you. If you order for SEO Tutorials in Urdu, you will have a to pay via EASY PAISA after a demo class. I will be providing you the basic and advanced concept of SEO.

SEO Training in Urdu with Blogger

To give back for your payment, I will be teaching you SEO with blogger in Urdu to have full advantages of the course which you are looking for. Your satisfaction is my first goal. 
Be enthusiastic and learn with confidence.

To learn SEO in Urdu Contact me:
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Google + :    Irfan Afridi
Skype:          irfan.afridi26
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